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If you didn’t attend the annual alumni game tonight you missed a great time. This has become a fun tradition that both the alumni and the current students look forward too. Here is a brief recap of each of the games, so you will know what you missed.  
Our JV girls played against our parents and staff. They were a little short-handed with only 5 players. JV had the lead 10-6 after the first quarter. The Colts poured in 12 more to make it 22-8 at the half. The JV girls were still going full steam to make it 31-11. The younger girls decided to go easy cause the veterans poured in 16 during the 4th for a final score of 39-27. 
High scorer for the parents/staff team was Taylor Lane with 16 and Caroline Blowe led all scorers with 13 points for the JV. 
Thank you to Shelly Bateman for her 2 points, Christie Anne Gibbs for pitching in 5, Amy Swayne Parker for her 2 points and Jennifer Ashton Jackson for her 2. 
When the JV boys took the court they had been talking big with their dads and coach how badly the parents were going to lose. The JV had 3 and the parents 11 after the first quarter. The dads had fun but it was 9-19 at the halftime. The dads showed off their moves and how they played back in the day. The final was 15-44 in favor of the parents but everyone came out as a winner with all the fun had by all.
Cole Langley put up 6 to lead the JV team.  Jon Wood led all players with 17 points. Want to congratulate the parents on their win and for making it a fun game to watch with some razzle-dazzle passing. Thank you to the parents also playing Eric James, Brian Higgins, Zenas Bateman, Freddie Sawyer made a foul shot, Spiros Giannokopoulos with 2 points, Corey Simpson, Jr. chipping in 4 while TJ Langley and Jerry Krywanczyk both put up 6 points. Mark Delosreyes wowed the crowd with his passing skills while putting in two 3 points and a bucket for a total of 8 points. 
Then it was time for the alumni to take the floor. The ladies started a bit slow with the score 7-9 at the end of the first quarter.  The Varsity girls buckled down and were ahead at halftime 13-11. But the alumni had a plan coming out of the break and poured in 15 points during the 3rd quarter to swing the score 13-26. The alumni could feel the juices flowing again and finished strong 15-39 letting the alumni easily roll to victory again.
The alumni showed that they still knew how to pass the ball and find the hole to drive or take the jump shot. It is always great to watch our past stats come back and shine again. Brooke Perry put up 7 points for the varsity girls while Amber Stickle class of 14 was the leading scorer for both with 8 points. Ashley Ownley Harris class of '12 and Kaitlyn Riddick class of '17 both had 7 points. Myra Roach a recent graduate from the class of '18 pitched in 5 while Amanda Lynn Lane class of '12 and Kari Roach Phelps class of '10 both had 4. Class of '12, was well represented with three players, Shannon Staples had 2 as did Lindsay Winslow from the class of '18. Injured and unable to play tonight was Rachel Elizabeth Ferrell class of '01 who helped coach. Thank you to these ladies for taking the time to come back and give everyone a great time.
It was now time for the “boys” to take to the floor. Last year the varsity boys defeated the alumni and have been talking big about this match. All the players were introduced and all alumni were asked to stand as the crowd cheered. It makes for a special night when alumni return to where they enjoyed their shining moments back on the court. The varsity colts were a little bit rusty from no game for over a week. The first quarter was 8-13. The alumni were showing their past moves with unique passes and quick moves. The burst of past talents shimmering on the court was just something you had to be at the game to understand. By halftime, the score showed how much talent was on both teams. 28-29. The varsity boys decided that it was time to show off. The colts poured in 17 points to pull ahead 45-37. The last quarter was just more of the same as Avery Krywanczyk lead all scorers with 22 points. The final score was 65-52.
The alumni were defeated again this year but they were more than entertaining in their play. Wayne Banks returned to his hometown to sink a free throw and NOT foul out this year. He represented the class of 1978. Zenus Bateman class of '04 put up 4. Class of '09 Perry Dawson sank two threes for 6 points. Class of '13 had 3 returning players, Cody James Roach with 7, Troy Sanders with 2 and Collin Smithson sank a three. Christopher Godfrey, Jr. threw in 9 to honor his class of '15. Class of '16 had Keith Nowell, Jr. with 8 while classmate Josh Bone was held scoreless. Dante’ Foreman from the class of '17 was the most recent graduate playing. His 11 points helped him to be the high scorer for the alumni for the night. It was so much fun watching the players as they laced up their shoes again.
In addition to those Alumni Basketball players, we don’t want to leave out those who came to represent the past. Below is a list of all the graduates who attended and played in the games.
Carl Staples Class of 1976
Gay Murray Class of 1977
Wayne Banks Class of 1978
Teresa Duncan Class of 1979
Angie (Godfrey) Dawson Class of 1981
Gretchen Ownley Class of 1984
Christopher Godfrey, Sr. Class of 1987
Steven Wentz Class of 1989
Leah (Harrell) Robertson Class of 1990
Rachel (Sample) Ferrell Class of 2001
Nichole (Winslow) Layden Class of 2004
Zenas Bateman Class of 2004
Angela Banks Class of 2007 
Perry Dawson Class of 2009 
Samantha Banks Class of 2010
Kari (Roach) Phelps Class of 2010
Amanda Lane   Class of 2012
Shannon Staples Class of 2012 
Ashley (Ownley) Harris Class of 2012 
Cody Roach Class of 2013
Troy Sanders Class of 2013
Collin Smithson Class of 2013
Amber Stickle Class of 2014
Chris Godfrey, Jr. Class of 2015
Josh Bone Class of 2016
Keith Nowell, Jr. Class of 2016
Dante' Foreman Class of 2017
Kaitlyn Riddick Class of 2017
Lindsay Winslow Class of 2018
Myra Roach Class of 2018
If you attended the games and We missed you please let us know that you attended. We want to thank everyone for their contributions at the gate to help the school, we collected a total of $600 at the gate in donations.  Thanks to everyone for making the effort to attend. Until next year!
Photos Courtesy of Teresa Duncan!