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Mission Statement

The staff, volunteers, and coaches of Albemarle School take great pride in our school and our students. We encourage all students to participate in extracurricular activities, and will support our students in any way possible. It is our goal to have quality athletic teams with respect for themselves and those around them. We believe that team loyalty and unity breed success. A student-athlete is a student first and an athlete second. Academic success is the ultimate goal.


Students who maintain an overall grade point average of 78 and are passing all classes are eligible to participate in the athletic programs at Albemarle School. The School Counselor will check all progress reports and report cards.


Any student in grades 7th - 12th is eligible for a varsity sport. The eligibility extends to practice, season games, and any post-season participation. (i.e. ; State Tournament)

Junior Varsity

Any student in grades 7th - 10th is eligible for a junior varsity sport. This eligibility extends through the end of the season. Special permission must be obtained from the Tarheel Independent Conference to allow 6th-grade students to participate.

The Coach is solely responsible for team placement. Placement is based on several factors such as: player experience, player ability, player potential, player attitude, team needs, etc. The Coach's job is to develop the most effective team he/she can. The players' best interest will be taken into account as much as possible when deciding on team placement.

Dress Code

All Student Athletes are required to dress out for home and away games. Athletes who travel to away games in uniform will wear the uniform as it was designed to be worn. Players will change to appropriate dress after they have completed their game provided that facilities are available to do so.

Men & Coaches

Dress Shirt, & Tie, dress or khaki type slacks, belt, & dress or casual shoes.

Women & Coaches

Blouse or sweater with a skirt, dress (of appropriate length), or khaki type slacks. Coaches may require an additional dress code.


Sweatshirts (any type), Sandals, flip-flops, basketballs/tennis shoes, jeans, or shorts.

Athletic Director

Jacob Mullins
Jacob Mullins
Athletic Director/Health & P.E. Teacher