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                                  Lunch Special $3.00 (Drink Not Included)                            

September 28th - October 2nd 

Monday              Popcorn chicken, wedges, peaches

Tuesday             Tacos (hard or bag), corn, 1/2 banana

Wednesday       Corndog nuggets, fries, pears


Thursday           Chicken Alfredo, garlic bread, salad

Friday                Cheese, Sausage, or Pepperoni Pizza, chips, brownie


October 5th - 9th

Monday              Cheeseburger, wedges, mixed fruit

Tuesday             BBQ Chicken Sandwich, corn, jell-o 

Wednesday        Wing Dings(4), macaroni and cheese, pineapple

Thursday           Hotdogs, curly fries, peaches

Friday                Cheese, Sausage, or Pepperoni Pizza, strawberry applesauce, fries


October 12th - 16th

Monday              Chicken Sandwich, curly fries, pears

Tuesday             Nachos, corn, 1/2 orange

Wednesday       Corndog nuggets, fries, mandarin oranges

Thursday          Salisbury Steak, mashed potatoes, green beans

Friday               Cheese, Sausage, or Pepperoni Pizza, cookie, chips


October 19th - 23rd

Monday              Chicken Tenders (2), wedges, pineapple

Tuesday             Pulled pork sandwich, coleslaw, corn

Wednesday        Hotdog, fries, pears

Thursday          Lasagna, garlic bread, salad

Friday               Cheese, Sausage, or Pepperoni Pizza, chips, cookie


October 26th - 30th

Monday              Popcorn chicken, macaroni & cheese, strawberry applesauce

Tuesday             Cheeseburger, wedges, cookie

Wednesday        Chicken nuggets, curly fries, peaches

Thursday           Chili (no beans/ beans), cornbread, green beans

Friday                Cheese, Sausage, or Pepperoni Pizza, fries, mini muffin