Inspiring Excellence and Character in a Nurturing Environment!

Preschool Phone:  (252) 338-6496

The Preschool program recognizes the developmental needs of younger children by providing age-appropriate learning experiences in a safe, secure and nurturing environment. Emphasis is upon a smooth transition from home to school, and from one year to the next, so that each child’s school experience is positive, enjoyable, and rewarding. The children’s activities are designed to enhance the formation of concepts, to encourage exploration and discovery, and to provide rich opportunities for oral group activities. The preschool philosophy reflects an experimental approach in which the children learn by doing. Ample opportunities for social interaction, emotional growth, and development of self-esteem occur naturally throughout the day in this informal, supportive setting. Indoor and outdoor play promotes growth of both small and large motor skills. The preschool program is responsive and flexible, enabling children to develop at their own pace in a safe, caring and understanding atmosphere.

Our Goals Are To

  • Build trust through positive interaction with peers and teachers.
  • Provide developmentally appropriate experiences.
  • Nurture the enjoyment of learning through interaction with the environment.
  • Expand individual awareness through physical, cognitive, and social activities.
  • Provide an environment in which children may develop individually while also recognizing their responsibilities toward others.
  • Build self-esteem.
  • Encourage sharing, turn-taking, and negotiate behavior.
  • Create an atmosphere that helps build positive social and interactive skills.
  • Develop an awareness of the needs of others