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Dear Albemarle School & Preschool Family, 

While we remain optimistic about the start of school on August 17, there still remains many unanswered questions. We have schedules prepared to open with a normal operating schedule with some safety restrictions. These include things such as recommendation of face covering (masks), walking on the right side of hallways to help with one way traffic, some lunches and breaks eaten in the classroom, separating groups during recess, elective teachers going to the classroom rather than the students moving when possible, and a few others. 

However, we are also preparing different scenarios if we are mandated to operate at less than full capacity. These include A/B Days (alternating) and partial days or early release days. The A/B day scenario would mean that a portion of the class reports on designated days while the others are completing assignments via distance learning. The other scenario with this is that a portion reports in the morning hours and the other portion reports in the afternoon hours. This would give everyone some face to face time in smaller groups on a daily basis. The early release scenario would allow time in the afternoon to clean and sanitize before the next day. 

None of the scenarios will be perfect for all, but there are many considerations. The list of considerations to include, but are not limited to:

  • The physical safety of our students, staff and parents/home;
  • The emotional needs of our students and staff;
  • The need for face to face time with students and teachers;
  • Daily child care for our parents so they can continue to work;
  • Consideration of families that may not have reliable Internet access;
  • Cleaning and sanitizing of the building. 

I will be meeting with other Heads of School from the TIC Conference in July. During that time we will all discuss plans for opening school. These schools are all similar in size and orientation. To help us prepare, I would like to hear your thoughts. Please feel free to respond to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or if you would like, you can call me or come by and speak with me directly. 

I wish you all a very safe holiday weekend and I hope everyone remains safe throughout the remainder of your summer. 


Melvin L. Hawkins