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Lil’ Colts Volleyball Rules

  • A match will consist of the best two-out- of three games. Rally Scoring will be

used. (A team will score regardless of who served the ball.) 25 point games until

the deciding game, which will be played to 15 points. A team must win by 2


  • There will be 2 timeouts per team, per game. A timeout is for 1 minute.

Tennis shoes must be worn for all games. Kneepads will be optional for the

players. Please have the students wear their team shirts to the games.

  • No jewelry, watches, or accessories of any kind, may be worn during the games.
  • Serves will be done from the 3pt basketball line, the basketball foul line, or the

volleyball end line, depending on the player’s ability. Please remember that

quality attempts are our main goal.

  • A team may touch the ball 3 times in a row. No player may hit the ball twice in a


  • The ball cannot be caught or carried.
  • No double hits will be allowed. Each hit must be clean or contact that player only


  • 6 players will be on the court, at a time, during the games. There will be 2 rows of

3 players on the court. Players must rotate when their team regains the service.

(Teams will be allowed to start with 5 players to prevent a forfeit.)

  • The team playing 2 games that evening will be considered the home team. The

home team will serve first. Serve, in a deciding game, will be established with the

flip of a coin. In all playoff/ tournament games, the higher-seeded team will be

considered the home team.

  • Any ball hitting an overhead structure will be playable unless it is a team’s 3 rd hit,

or if the ball transitions over the net after striking the overhead structure.

  • All parents will remember that the purpose of this league is for the players

to have fun! Learning how competitive games are played, developing

sports skills, and learning teamwork, will develop faster if the children are

having fun.



 Lil Colts Volleyball Schedule