Inspiring Excellence and Character in a Nurturing Environment!

Expectations & Guidelines

Colts Cheerleaders

  • You represent your school and community, act accordingly both at and away from school, in uniform and out.
  • Conduct yourselves respectively at games, your actions and words are a direct reflection on the team, your coach & Albemarle School.
  • Dress code for game day is the same as it is for other athletic teams. No jeans, sweatshirts, or short skirts.
  • No Missing Practices. You are one part of a whole and we need you to be here to be apart.  (Doctor appointments are accepted, but the Coach will need to know 1 week prior)
  • Absolutely no missing practices the day before a game. This is when we plan stunts, and routines and floor line ups. If you miss the practice before a game, you will not cheer.  (Exception if the coach knew about the doctor's appointment the week before)
  • No jewelry during practice or games this is a safety issue. You might not mean to cut someone's arm with your earring or ring or have your necklace broke so this rule must not be broken.
  • Pom Poms belong to the school and must be returned at the end of the season. (Please do not get them wet or scrunch)
  • No food or drink is allowed while cheering.
  • No Gum is ever allowed this includes during practice as well as during games
  • Captain calls the cheers.

Practice begins November 1st