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Hunter Safety is a team competition in shotgun, archery, small bore rifle, and hunter skills. Albemarle School has fielded a Hunter Safety team since 2006. Students involved in Hunter Safety are encouraged to compete academically as well as competitively in their skills. Hunter Safety Season typically takes place from January through April. Practices take place every Saturday and Sunday. 

Purpose and Objectives

  • To promote the Hunter Safety Education Program
  • To promote public awareness of the Hunter Education Programs in North Carolina
  • To encourage the Hunter Education student to go beyond the basics by developing their knowledge and skills in all areas of hunting experience, which will result in a safer and more responsible sportsman
  • To offer the young people of our school a positive experience in all disciplines of the shooting sport
  • To experience and learn a variety of legal hunting methods, its efficiency, operation, and effectiveness. This can enable the student to evaluate the safest, most comfortable and effective equipment that can be used to hunt and/or target shoot
  • To promote the safe sport of hunting and shooting


Students are required to bring their own rifle, shotgun, and bow for competition. Students are also expected to supply their own ammunition. The School provide targets, skeet, and orienteering equipment for the Hunter Safety Team practices and Competitions. 


Education Class

We will be holding a Hunter Safety Education Class at Albemarle School. This is a 6-hour class and will run from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Date and location TBA.

Please bring the following with you to class: 






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Athletic Director

Jacob Mullins
Jacob Mullins
Athletic Director/Health & P.E. Teacher