Albemarle School
Founded 1965

July 4, 2014


Dear Faculty, Staff and Parents of Albemarle School,


It is with great pleasure that we announce the new Headmaster of Albemarle School, Mr. Michael Hill.  Mr. Hill hails from Morrison, IL. He enlisted in the US Coast Guard in 1985 and while at the Training Center in Elizabeth City, he met his lovely wife, Eutrilla.  They have been married since 1987.  He and his wife have two children, their son Devon and their daughter NicCal.  Mr Hill and his family have lived in many places all over the country, but they now call Elizabeth City home.


During Mr. Hill's 30 year career in the Coast Guard he has filled many positions and leadership roles, with over one third of it focused on education, training and team building.  Mr. Hill holds a BS in Liberal Studies from Excelsior College, a Master of Science in Project Management from George Washington University, a Master of Science in Business Administration from Northcentral University and a Graduate certificate of Leadership from Central Michigan University.


Mr. Hill's personal interests include all types of sports, running and spending time with his family.  When asked, “Why Albemarle?”  His response was “Family”  Albemarle School is a family where everyone can belong.  Mr. Hill is dedicated to increasing enrollment, expanding our sports and intramural programs, team building and leadership.  It is upon these premises and values that Mr. Hill will become an integral part in the continued success of Albemarle School.


Currently we have Ms. Elsie Cole that started serving as interim Headmaster on July 3, 2014 and will serve as interim for Albemarle School until mid December.


With the support from our faculty, staff and parents, we can make Albemarle School the premier, non-profit educational facility of Northeastern North Carolina.  For over 50 years we have had tradition and stability rooted in our past, education and determination is our future. 


Best Regards,




Albemarle School Board of Directors

Congratulations Albemarle School and its teachers for being awarded a technology grant from CenturyLink. 

The grant was titled 
"Going for the Gold." 

Welcome to Albemarle School! We are the home of the COLTS!  Thanks for taking the time to visit our web page. The Albemarle School’s faculty and staff look forward to working with each of our students and their families. We are committed to providing the best educational opportunities for our students so that each student is challenged to be a productive and responsible citizen in our community.


Our school takes pride in creating a caring, safe and family environment where all students experience academic success. Every child’s education is a collaborative partnership between students, parents and school. Research shows that students achieve greater when parents are involved with their children’s schooling and when students are involved in their own schools. Together we will educate all students to be life-long learners and foster positive relationships. As a team, every child will be provided the opportunity for a better future.


Albemarle School’s faculty and staff are excited about the 2014-2015 school year. Thanks for being part of the ALBEMARLE COLT family that “inspires excellence and character” for every student.

Colt Cards are now IN!!! 
Contact the Office at 252-338-0883 if you would like to purchase some.
"Inspiring Excellence and Character In A Nurturing Environment"